Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dueling Handicappers

Message from CEO Fred

                Tragically we have lost our weekend handicapper. He either lost his fingers in a wood chipper or "is working on the biggest baddest column ever!" I'm still not sure which one is true. I made an executive decision to have a handicapper match up. @ZachHolland1 vs the one and only @fredfierce that's right I'm coming out of retirement to help you make the right wagers. We will treat it as a competition and today's column will only include tonight's games. Look for the weekend picks tomorrow. Without further ado....

         Pick by @ZachHolland1
        Texans at Colts +6.5
The Colts had their 6 minutes of fame last week, they are terrible. Can't say much more besides it's like watching Freshman football coached by Coach Curry.

        Pick by @fredfierce
        Texans at Colts +6.5
I think this is an easy line. Always a good thing when a team is getting points at home, regardless of their situation. Not only do the Colts have a chance to cover in a hard fought game, they could possibly win outright. The other scenario is the Texans building a decent sized lead and put it on cruise control and the Colts pulling a backdoor cover just like they did against the Patriots.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Midweek ATS Picks

Week 15
So week 14 was a little rough around the edges. Things like that happen from time to time just ask Tim Tebow there is never a point in time where it is too late.
            Jacksonville at Atlanta (-12.5)
I wonder which Jacksonville team will show up because the one from last week exploded. Atlanta on the other hand came back from a double digit deficit last week. I’m going to gamble here and say that the Atlanta home crowd comes alive and Atlanta covers. Dirty Bird.
            Dallas (-8) at Tampa Bay
Not a huge Dallas fan never have been never will be but when it comes down to it that doesn’t matter. I expect Dallas to cover.
 1. Garrett must do something productive
 2. It’s a must win
            Cincinnati (-7) at St. Louis
I will be in attendance at this game. If you are free Sunday afternoon check out the game and look for me. My family and I will be the only ones at the game, so we should be pretty easy to spot. Cincy will cover. The Rams are garbage, I’d rather watch midgets have intercourse.
            Washington at Giants (-7.5)
Redskins are Cold the Giants are hot. GEEEEEEEEMENNNNNNNN Nuff said.
            Tennessee (-7) at Indianapolis
Look for INDY to get their first win of the year this week yep I said it. Take the colts and celebrate a cherry being popped.
            Seattle at Chicago (-3.5)
Chicago has to win this game. Home Field I’ll take Da BEARS
            Green Bay (-15) at Kansas City
All they do is win…… but not by 15 take Kansas City
            Carolina at Houston (-7)
Cam Newton! Take Carolina. Could even be an outright win.
            New Orleans (-7) at Minnesota
New Orleans might be the only team that can go into Green Bay come playoff time and beat them. Minnesota will not be an issue.
            Miami at Buffalo (+1)
Take Buffalo here, with Harvard educated QB Ryan Fitzpatrick.
            Detroit at Oakland (PK)
I really like Detroit. 1. They finally get shoe back in the lineup Suh will have a big game. 2. Carson Palmer has had 1 good game. Detroit can play D
            Cleveland at Arizona (-7)
Although Arizona has won 2 in a row and probably 3 after this weekend I don’t see them blowing out the Browns, especially since for a while on Thursday night they played the Steelers tough.
            N.Y Jets at Philly (-1.5)
It’s December, It’s Rex Ryan, It’s J.E.T.S Jets Jets Jets time. Rex Ryan said they will win the superbowl.
            New England (-7.5) at Denver
If you have watched SportsCenter lately you may have been wondering where in the world has Tim Tebow been, I haven’t heard anything about him. Never bet on your team, for many reasons. I like Denver to cover. Hard to see that Broncos defense give up a lot of points and New England has terrible defense.
            Baltimore (-1.5) at San Diego
San Diego may be hot, but it’s never cold in San Diego, California. They are taking on arguably one of the top 4 teams in the league depending on who you ask. I like Baltimore.
            Monday Night Pittsburgh at San Fransisco
That game is OFF as of right now. Once a line is giving this will be edited.

That is my opinion for week 15. Just like a solid screen in basketball it’s only as good as the shooter makes me look. After all You bet’em I pick’em

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tim Tebow and why you hear his name a thousand times a day.

Let me start by stating a few things. I love Tim Tebow, I have an autographed rookie card and I bought his jersey as soon as it was available after he was drafted. I'm also a devout atheist and I don't care if he thanks the nine thousand different Hindu deities after games. I've also said from day one that he was going to be a successful pro QB. Even wagered with one of my friends that he will win more games than Sam Bradford over their first 5 years. So you will never see me be shocked by the plays he pulls off and the games his team wins. He's a leader and a winner, which other players recognize and raise their game. When everyone on a team is on the same page and working hard guess what, winning happens.
However there are a LOT of people that can't stand Tebow. Today I realized why and I empathize with your pain. Turn on ESPN or NFL network and there's a good chance they are gonna mention him within 2 minutes. The "Tebow Overload" can understandably make people that don't care for him hate him even more. What I am going to attempt to explain here is WHY there is so much "Tebow Overload".
When ex Bronco coach and current Rams offensive coordinator Josh McDaniel traded up in the draft to pick Tebow at #25 in the first round, the pick was universally panned. The ex-players and NFL "insiders" all dug in and talked about how bad a pick it was. He took him too early, it's gonna take years to develop Tebow, he may never be able to play QB in the league, these are just some of the criticisms lobbed at him on draft night. Never mind that all he did was get drafted, they hadn't even had a rookie mini camp yet.
So in his first season he sat the bench for most of it, the coach who drafted him got fired mid-season and things did not look promising for young Timmy.
Fast forward to this offseason and John Elway takes over the organization and once the lockout ends, teams start training camp. Elway and new coach John Fox make it clear they want a pocket passer so Kyle Orton is named the starter with Brady Quinn backing him up. The wise and all knowing talking heads remind us, "we told you so, Tebow can't play QB in the league". Then as anyone could predict Orton does an amazing job at being terrible and Denver fans call for Tebow. So the change is made, Tebow is going to start now. Again the talking heads start in, "he's got bad footwork, his throwing motion is bad, this isn't going to end well". Then a strange thing happened. Denver won his first start. The ESPN guys were quick to point out that it was against a crappy Dolphins team and not to worry Tebow would still fail. The next week Denver gets killed by the Lions. An absolute crushing of the Broncos, which led to a sea of  "I told you so's". We all know what has happened since then, Denver hasn't lost a game and Tebow has led them to multiple fourth quarter comebacks. Now we circle back to why you the reader, doesn't like him. Because the same people who dug in and said he was always gonna be horrible had to face reality. So they invent the phrase "Tebow Time" and talk about how something "magical" is happening. They are essentially forcing Tim Tebow down your throat whether you want to hear about him or not. Let's all remember that it's not his fault that ESPN and other football shows won't stop talking about him. They are trying very hard to cover up the fact that every single one of them was wrong from the beginning. The defense and special teams of course deserve a ton of credit but it's not as newsworthy as Tebow's "magical" powers to win games late. Fortunately I can explain the magic to you. He is a LEADER. I hate when people say about any player "he's a winner", well aren't all people that win "winners"? The enthusiasm and excitement that Tebow brings to his team extends to every person on the roster. They've all raised their game since he got the nod at QB, it should be obvious to any observer. They were 1-4 with the listless Orton, and 7-1 under Tebow. He leads that team and they all play better for him. So while I understand that people hate all the credit and praise he is getting, keep in mind he always credits the other guys on the team and he is not responsible for the over saturation of coverage. That is a direct byproduct of the NFL "experts" who wrote him off the second after he was drafted. If they actually were "experts" they would have seen this coming, I'm not a league "insider" but I know football and am not surprised by what he is doing at all.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Feast or Famine: Quick Hits Edition

So last week there was a bit of an issue; I tried loading the post myself and epic failed. I blame that for my awful picks and a 7-9 record last week. This week, I'm already starting in the hole by taking the Steelers. Man, I really hate that team. I mean think of what you hate the most in the universe, then collectively pool it with everyone else's hatred who reading this, and you start to get an idea of the morsel of hatred I have for the Steelers.

So this week I'm sad over a few things: 1) my friends and I did not get ringaide seats at the Royal Rumble in St. Louis and 2) Community is going on hiatus because NBC knows exactly how to kill great things (but that's another column for another day coming very soon). With that, today's picks are short and sweet because I am looking forward to football because the Rams aren't playing. Here we go!

Bucs (-3) @ Jags
Talk about teams that suckand suck hard. Let's go with the Bucs.

Patriots (-8) @ Redskins
Call it a hunch because I have nothing else to go on, but I like the Skins to cover.

Texans (+2.5) @ Bengals
The Texans can be fine without a QB. Bengals are paying like a Marvin Lewis-coached team. Take Houston.

Chiefs (+10.5) @ Jets
Take the Chiefs to cover.

Vikings (+11.5) @ Lions
I like how Ponder played last week and I haven't liked how Detroit has played the last six games. Take points and Vikings.

Saints (-3.5) @ Titans
Brees = super awesome. Take the Saints.

Eagles @ Dolphins (-3)
I'm finally taking the Dolphins which means they'll probably lose this week. Call me the late-comer to the party.

Colts @ Ravens (-16.5)
Go Ravens.

Falcons @ Panthers (+2.5)
Mike Smith is an official idiot. Take the Panthers.

Bears @ Broncos (-3)
Tebow. Enough said.

49ers (-3.5) @ Cardinals
Niners. Enough said.

Bills @ Chargers (-7)
Two bad coaches. Go with the better QB. Rivers > Fitzpatrick.

Packers (-12) @ Raiders
Packers. Enough said.

Giants @ Cowboys (-4.5)
Cowboys are cooler than Giants. Take Dallas.

Rams @ Seahawks (-10)
Two words. Kellen Clemens. Go with the fictitious birds.

So I have lots of other stuff to be super excited about: an MVP testing positive for steroids, Pujols prays to God and goes to the Angels and I have over a thousand hours of Community on DVD to get me through until the spring return of the show. Watch hockey.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Early Week Picks by our new guy

Editors note, we will have two picks columns per week, the already proven JP and our newest edition to Fredbook @ZachHolland1 Zach will bring you the early week lines and pick the Thursday game, while JP will continue with the weekend column and predict with closer to game time lines. He will also still put up pretty pictures with super witty captions. -Fred
Zach Holland
Fredbook sideline writer
Before we go into a week full of debate and Tim Tebow, Miracle play, I must say I don’t recommend betting, but I do recommend my column to help you all who have an itch for a little extra cash on a Sunday afternoon.
Thursday Night game. Cleveland Browns visit the Pittsburg Steelers (-14)
In no way do I like spotting a professional team 14 points but in this case I don’t see Cleveland having much hope at all. Their offense will not prevail over the fighting steel curtain D. The only chance they have at putting points on the board lay on the feet of Josh Cribbs retuning kicks. On the other side the Steelers are starting to put up points in abundance. Take the Steelers and have fun being ahead on your bookie looking forward to a big weekend.
Sunday festivities.
            Indianapolis at Baltimore (-16.5)
Good news Colts fans even though you lost to the hated Patriots last week you guys showed life for the first time in about 4 months. That being said spotting the Colts 16.5 against Baltimore is just like getting a staples Easy button in the mail, get it? Take the Colts and the 16.5. That was easy.
            Houston at Cincinnati (-3)
As Andre Johnson would say, “In T.J we trust” Not sure how much of that statement you can trust especially with Johnson most likely being sidelined with a Hamstring injury that has limited his action for the better part of 6 weeks. The fighting Andy Daltons have been hot and cold this year. Even with Houston coming off a big win playing Atlanta last week look for them to come back to life this week and get beat by 7 in Cincy. Take the Bengals and collect on Tuesday.
            Oakland at Green Bay (-11)
Oakland is another team that is hot and cold for the year. Going into the Frozen Tundra. It’s December in Green Bay, the Packers don’t lose and Oakland doesn’t seem as if they want to win the AFC west they don’t have God Almighty on their side like the Broncos with Tim Tebow so I say go with Green Bay. After almost getting beat by the GEEEE MEN last week they have something to prove. They won’t have two close games in a row. It’s hard to beat someone like Aaron Rodgers and his discount double check touchdown dance..
            Kansas City at New York Jets (-9)
Another AFC west team playing on the road at the so called “JetLife Stadium”  Looking back in the archives that is NFL football I can’t tell you the last time the Jets beat 2 teams by double digits in back to back weeks. That being said I have to go with Kansas City getting 9 points. Historically the Jets are content playing down to the level of their opponent and in the 4th quarter they come alive and win the game on the final drive of the game. Look for them to do the same thing with the home crowd on their side.
            Minnesota at Detroit (-8)
Minnesota looked very solid last week on the offensive side of the football against the Denver Broncos but as you all know Tim Tebow came alive and led his broncos to victory. Detroit is a team digging themselves and hole and once again this week they will be SHOELESS, I mean “Suh” less. I like Minnesota getting 8 call me crazy but this could be the upset of the week.
            New Orleans (-3.5) at Tennessee
New Orleans is hot and I don’t think come playoff time anyone is going to want to play them. I look for them to win BIG at Tennessee on Sunday afternoon. Drew Breese is finally clicking at all aspects of the game. They look like the hottest team in the NFL right now, I would love to see them match up with the Pack like they did in week one. Tim “hairless” Hasselbeck won’t be able to keep up with “Who Dat” nation.
            Philly at Miami (-3)
Let’s welcome back Mike Vick by leading the Eagles to a victory on Sunday. You never know which Miami team is going to show up. Will it be the 0-7 phins or ill it be the 4-1 fins we will never know until Sunday. I will say no matter what team shows up on Sunday they won’t keep up with the Eagles led by Vick. His legs are fresh. That should be enough for Philly to win outright.
            New England (-8) at Washington
With the playoffs in sight for the Pats, I look for them to start playing as if they are already there and play mistake free football. The Redskins are no where close to being on the same playing field as New England. Don’t look for Sexy Rexy to do much even if the Pats secondary is exactly that, “Secondary” he still won’t put enough points on the bored to keep up. I like the Patriots, after all this is America.
            Atlanta (-3) at Carolina
Apparently Atlanta didn’t show up last week in Houston. I look for them to step up and earn their playoff wildcard spot. Although Cam Newton is doing great things this year on his feet he will need more than 3 points to beat Atlanta. This will be a coming out party for Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. I like “Hotlanta” to win big and start making strides toward their playoff hunt.
            Tampa Bay (-1) at Jacksonville
Jacksonville is coming into this game on a short week. It doesn’t look like Blaine Gabbert is really making much progress if any at all in his stint at being the Jags #1 Quarterback. He’s a prime example of hey I should have stayed in school where I ruled the Puss at Mizzou, and I was actually on a good team. Tampa Bay is not a bad football team at all. I like how they refuse to give up. I see them beating Jacksonville, but hey who isn’t beating Jacksonville?
            San Francisco (-3.5) at Arizona
San Francisco playing in their own division this year. Arizona didn’t really beat the Cowboys last week, they actually beat coach Garret. Bold Strategy on icing your own kicker. Alex Smith is really coming into his own this year, they killed the Rams last week and I don’t see them having a short flight into the desert having any effect on his play. Look for another solid game and a heavy dose of Frank Gore as San Francisco continues their dominance of the NFC WEST.
            Chicago at Denver (-3.5)
Dever is riding a 6 game winning streak and it would be hard to not mention the man, the myth, the legend Tim Tebow. Personally I will be in attendance for this game, I like Denver to cover the spread on this game. They have a very solid defense, and with Von Miller returning to the lineup this week it only get stronger. Led by Champ Bailey and Brian Dawkins they play hard for all 60 minutes, it’s hard not to like this team. Every week it’s a TEAM effort it’s every guy on the roster buying into the program that they have going and having trust in #15. Never question the game or Prayer. Miracles happen every Sunday with Tebow is on the field. Let me know when the bears have an offense that can score points. 3 points last week against a sorry Kansas City defense just doesn’t cut it in this business.
            Buffalo at San Diego (-7)
Someone might have woke up a sleeping Giant in San Diego but I think it’s too little too late. I’m not a believer in San Diego yet, they played Jacksonville and beat them big, they were supposed to. Buffalo is a team who likes to keep games close. I believe San Diego will win but they won’t cover 7. You have to love getting points in a game. You are winning before the game even starts! Take Buffalo.
            New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys (-3.5)
Giants looked very very very good against the packers last week. I don’t like the direction the Cowboys are heading right now. As big as this game is for both on these teams it will be a great game at Jerry’s place. I like the Giants getting 3.5 they are playing for their coach and like I said before Jason Garret lost the game for Americas team last week. I don’t see the Giants losing this game easy money getting points.
            Monday Night Showdown well Not really St.Louis at Seattle (-4.5)
This may be one of the worst matchups in Monday Night Football HISTORY. Both teams are terrible, with very little upside. The Rams have zero offense, zero defense, zero special teams, that’s not exactly a good recipe. Seattle will win this game I don’t see the rams scoring more than 7 points in this thriller. Someone needs to get the NFL to move this game to Sunday morning at like 8 A.M so when we roll in from the strip club we have something to watch instead of Chuck Norris on a paid program . I think instead of a game bet they should have an over/under on how many people will watch this game on TV. We will start the number at 50,000 I’ll take the under and I will collect on Tuesday.
            Thanks to all who have read this column and are supports of Fredbook, it’s a very great journal for anyone to read. If you want a laugh we got it or if you want advice we have that as well. Like I said in the beginning I don’t recommended betting, but I do like to recommended you on who to pick if you decide you want that extra itch on a Sunday afternoon. After all, You Bet’em I just Pick’em. ZH

Monday, December 5, 2011

I love me some flip flopping

So I originally wrote a column a couple weeks ago Power of SEC in which I extolled how awesome the SEC is and also incorrectly picked Virginia Tech to win the ACC Championship and then make the jump and play in the title game. So I was wrong, really really wrong. Then I wrote that their should not be a rematch for the national championship regardless of how close the Bama vs LSU game was. Then after watching another couple of weeks of my favorite sport I flip flopped, as evidenced here BCS. At this current point I feel like some kind of weird cross between John Kerry and Mitt Romney, as I am ready to flip again and give this rematch championship the beating it deserves.
In 2003 Nick Saban was quoted saying something along the lines of "if you can't win your conference you don't have any business playing for the National Championship." Then on Sunday night when it was announced that his team, which didn't even get into it's conference championship game Saban remarked how the "system we have" got it right. Well guess what, it's time to say FUCK the system. I know I'm not a professional writer or media personality, but I am just as much an "expert" as the trolls they roll out on ESPN to talk about College Football. With that said, the thing that changed my mind was watching Virginia Tech knowing it needed a big time performance for a shot at the BCS title game and they went out and shit all over themselves and the field against Clemson. Meanwhile, Oklahoma State who was playing a tough Oklahoma team in a fierce rivalry game did what Va Tech could only dream of. They beat the high holy shit out of Oklahoma. It was such a fantastic rebound performance from the loss against Iowa State, that I forgot who they lost to. I seriously just had to go look it up. So basically any voter that put Alabama over Oklahoma State is saying a home loss is better than a road loss on the very day that 4 members of your schools athletic department died in a plane crash. Not a chance BCS boneheads. So here are my two main ideas to come out after this debacle. LSU is the National Champion, and we are awarding it to them RIGHT NOW. A game 40 days after the fact really shouldn't mean shit anyway. The second thing is that if this gets us to a "plus one" format then good, that's the least that needs to happen. In reality what is needed is an 8 team playoff that runs through December and into the first couple weeks of January. The main thing we need to figure out for the 8 team idea is 'how do we pick the 8 teams'? I admit, I flip flopped on my thinking more than the two gentleman depicted at the bottom of this column. I had a whole "selection committee idea" but then realized that would lead to almost as much chaos as possible with members of the committee inevitably having their own agendas about who should make the 'Great Eight' (awesome name, I made that up no one is allowed to steal it, fuckers). So the only fair way I can think of is to use the current formula for the BCS and the top 8 teams get in and that's how they will be seeded. That way you don't have bowl games like the Sugar Bowl picking two teams because their fans "travel well". Seriously Va Tech vs Michigan in a major bowl? Did they replace the sugar with cocaine? What are you dipshits fucking on? How does Boise not get an invite, they would wipe the turf with either of those teams. So there is my flip flopping and pointed anger (especially about the sugar bowl) but also my idea to fix the system and make it the greatest sporting tournament in the world. How do we eliminate travel expenditures for the fans? Easy! The first round game is held at the home field of the team with the higher seed, you ought to get something for being ranked #1 as opposed to 8. Then we are only left with 4 teams, play that round at the site of two of the big time bowl games. Then after a week off the championship would be held at another one of the big time bowl sites. See we are still using the big bowls and their still making their money which is all they give three shits about anyway. Allrighty then, this is Fred the flip flopper signing off for now.

Quick Apology

We here at Fredbook want to give a quick apology to our readers. (And checking the stats, there are actually quite a few of you) Technical difficulties this Sunday prevented JP from publishing his entire picks column. Complications from my cancer treatment had me bedridden for the past week. I'm in the hospital now getting my infections cleared up, and of course I had the same thought all of you are having. If your bedridden wouldn't that be an internet writers dream, you should be pumping out columns about Tebow walking on water, and Jason Garrett ruining the Cowboys one mismanaged timeout at a time. You would be right in your thinking. It's really not that hard to just type a bunch of BS up and post at least every other day. That's why you the reader are getting this apology from the CEO of Fredbook. In return I ask that you give 10 minutes to watch the following video (hopefully I can embed it) and realize that what he said in 1993 is still true today. I promise not to give up, ever, but I also wan't to entertain people still. So expect a river of columns from me maybe even a couple every day. Will do a facebook poll to see what subjects folks might want me to write about. We are a sports themed site, but no subject is off limits. This will be where I eventually post my memoir/diary of getting a rare cancer at the age of 27 and what ACTUALLY goes into a bone marrow transplant. (which I had last October) So please if you have an extra 10 minutes please watch the video, and if it moves you and you have an extra ten bucks check ESPN's website for the way to text in a 10 dollar donation. One of the only cancer foundations in the world that spends 100% of what it makes on cancer research and helping people.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Feast of Famine: You Call This Effort?

Greetings a salutations. I've heard from my boss that some people are reading this. That was the goal all along, I guess. With that being said, some of you readers are reading this regularly and Fred would like me to brag about how well my picks have been going. So 2 weekes ago, we were a modest 7-4-2. Last week was a little better. I forgot I was sitting on a rabbit's foot (which did tickle a bit, but that's another story) while I made picks last week. A little more than modest 12-4 was the result. You'll also notice that I did not make a pick for this past Thursday's game. Why? Simple. It was ugly. Unless you had to pick it for some ungodly reason (gun to your head, no self control, etc.) why waste your time? Two 4-7 teams don't deserve your attention. Make the NFL give you compelling matchups on these Thursday games, otherwise its a damned inconvenience for all of us football fans. I had to make a special trip to put in my weekly pick for the game. (For the record I did take Seattle, but in the interest of fairplay, I'm not going to count it for my record this week.) Enough jibba-jabba: "PICK ME," you all say (as in "Tell me the picks so I can quit reading already").  

Oakland(+3.5) @ Miami
One of the few underdogs this week that I like. Oakland is a solid ream, Miami is not. It's also not a good sign on the beach when folks are talking Marlins baseball over the Dolphins. I like the Raiders to win thins one outright.

Atlanta (-1.5) @ Houston
Who's the lesser of two evils here: an idiot coach (yes, we still remember the New Orleans game, Johnny) or your thrid-string QB? I still think that the Texans have a good squad, but the AFC is down and the Falcons almost have their backs to the wall. I like the dirty reformed birds here.

Tennessee @ Buffalo (-1.5)
I have liked the Bills from week one. They were a fun team to watch, then they started to suck. I guess they just really need to play at home (or Toronto) to have any success. They're 4-1 when they get to choose what uniforms they want to wear first. Take the Bills.

KC @ Chicago (-7)
One of my misses last week. I really thought that the Bears were something without Cutler, apparently not. But the Chiefs don't really have a QB either (or RB or defense, or a smart head coach), if we're going to split hairs here. I see the Bears covering this spread.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Why I Hate the Blues

The long awaited tale of my unadulterated hatred of the St. Louis Blues.
I Hate This Logo
Like any youngster growing up in St. Louis I am a die-hard Cardinals fan. During my formative years my home was a football home. It's what we watched, it's what we rooted for. We didn't watch hockey, no love for the game in the Fierce household. So it only stands to reason that as a non hockey watcher the local teams games didn't mean diddly squat (that's right, diddly squat) to me. So there would be no real reason for me to hate them, just indifference at most. That's what you would think, but the Blues committed crimes against me and all of humanity. Crimes that are almost unspeakable in nature, crimes that I after such a long period of time I feel comfortable in discussing. Before we can get into these crimes we must first discuss the greatness of something else.
But I love this Logo
That's right, the great television show Cheers. Cheers had been on many years and was in syndication by the time I was old enough to watch and understand it. It quickly became the greatest show in the world to me. Who didn't love the womanizing Sam Malone, the king of useless facts Cliff Claven, and of course in traditions emulated in bars around the country to this day "Norm!". This cast of characters became like  second group of family and friends to me when I was a young man. Therein lies the problem. Cheers reruns were shown only on channel 11, which was fine. I knew what time to get to a TV so I could hear the familiar sound of the theme song (which your probably humming right now) and watch 30 minutes of wonderful good times. Except during the winter. No, during the winter I was at the mercy and the whim of channel 11 and the Blues. I'm almost positive the first time I ever used a swear word was when I turned on what I thought was going to be an episode of Cheers and instead was a useless hockey game. If it had only happened occasionally I could probably have dealt with that. Unfortunately it happened all the god damn time! And for a period of years, during the winter months the stupid Blues used to keep the Cheers gang down by scheduling their games at the exact time the show was on. 

So there it is. The reason I hate the Blues so much and the reason my favorite hockey team is "whoever is playing the Blues". Because the next time I voluntarily turn on a hockey game of any kind, will be the first time I've ever turned one on.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Feast or Famine Part 2; The Deathly Shopping Hallows

Picks by JP- Follow him at @Fredbook_JP

Vikings @ Falcons (-9.5)
Man, did the Vikings become worse than the Colts last weekend when AP was carted off the field? That guy was the only reason to watch that team, unless your team was playing them (Editor's Note: reason is null and void if your team is any of the following:  Rams, Colts, Browns, Jaguars, Cardinals, or Jaguars).
This game could get ugly, and get ugly fast. Take the Falcons and lay the points.

Texans (-6) @ Jaguars
Here's the thing about Matt Leinert as Houston's QB; he doesn't have to throw for them to win. The Texans already showed us earlier this year that they can win by handing the ball to Foster and Tate the entire game. Their defense is pretty good as well. They can beat the Jags, but their playoff run might be in trouble. Take the Texans to win by more than a touchdown here.

Buccaneers @ Titans (-3)
I don't think that it will matter who starts at quarterback for Tennessee, the Bucs haven't won yet in November and I don't like them to end that streak today. For some reason that is unknown to me, the Titans are winning in spite of Chris Johnson. Last weekend, they nearly came back against Atlanta when Jake Locker came in to play. The Titans still think they they can make the playoffs and who am I to argue. There are some big dudes on that team

Cardinals (+2.5) @ Rams
Wait, you mean that someone who actually watched last Sunday's thrilling Seahawks/Rammies tilt and still thinks the Rams can outscore another team by more than three points? Sorry, I didn't wake up and take crazy pills pills this morning. Take the Cardinals and let's start taking action on Spagnuolo being the first head coach to lose his job this season. By the way, just because I think the Rams will lose, doesn't mean that I think that Whisenhunt is any better as a coach than Spagnuolo. Without Kurt Warner, Whiz only has one more victory than Spags does (11>10).
[I bet I'd be the best QB if in the dome is I walked in there today]

Ok. Apologies, but the rest of the picks are going to be rapid-fire. I'm watching pregame as I type, so sorry. I promise more effort will go into next week's picks. I did just get a new PlayBook (which I typed this weeks column). Here you go-

Take the Bengals (-6) over the Browns.
I like the Bills (+9.5) at the Jets.
Let's go with the Panthers (-3.5) at the Colts.
The Seahawks (-3) beat the Redskins at Qwest Field.
The Bears (+3) win this one for Jay Cutler at the Raiders.
The Patriots (-3) take care of the Eagles in Philadelphia.
Timmy Tebow single-handedly leads the Broncos (+5.5) over the Chargers.
I like the Chiefs (+10) and the points at home over the Steelers on Sunday night.
And let's go with the Saints (-8.5) over the Giants in New Orleans on Monday.
Hope everyone reading had a lovely Thanksgiving and also survived Black Friday. Blues are at Columbus tonight at 6:00. Watch hockey.